About My Work

I fuse single use plastic bags together with heat and tether them to discarded canvas frames and abandoned furniture skeletons. The volume of material is generous, my color palette is vast. The nature of the production of plastic forges it to be immortal, but its usage is short lived in comparison to its resilient quality in our environment. This puts the bags themselves in an existential crisis: infinite potential without a source of direction. My works aim to boost the morale of plastic bags as objects, giving the bags utility and appreciability beyond the initial intent of their creation.

The garbage can is a space of transformation; of destruction, and rebirth. It is a transformative space. The act of throwing something away is a monumental moment for that object. It aims to destroy the trajectory of that object. It removes the ability for that object to have any intention, or be intended upon. It is a rejection of its entire form. However, the more interesting moment is when you pull something out of the trash. The trajectory of the object is reactivated, the object itself is resurrected. It becomes open to reuse, rebirth. It is the realization of hope, and that is what my entire life has been about.

Kat Martin is an artist born and raised in North Highlands, CA. She now lives and works in Oakland, California.